There are several great places that have monthly "Tells".

Here are dates of my favorite upcoming "Tells" Date and Topic

Mar 18 Sun: Doyles: Luck.. Tom Tall Tales "The cave"

Mar 25 Sun: Villageworks “Arrival”  ? May-be Tom Tall Tales "Ant-island"

Mar 27 Tue:  PPMTV: Overcoming                 ? Maine canoe to Ant-island - retelling

Mar 29 Thu: Kickstand Cafe “Arrival”

Apr 15 Sun: Doyles: Never say Never

Apr 26 Thu: Kickstand Cafe Bad Timing”

Apr 29 Sun: Villageworks : “Bad Timing”

May 1 Tue PPMTV Out On A Limb

May 29 Tue :PPMTV: What Was I Thinking?

June 8th : Jillian and Tom wedding!! (may be a Story at the Rehersal dinner!)

June 26:PPMTV Neighbors


Places To hear and Tell

Fugitive Productions, W. Acton Mass, 

Mass mouth , Club Passim, Cambridge

Story Slam, Doyle's Cafe, Jamaica Plains


New Hampshire Story Telling Guilds

The Moth


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