Foot Prints


It all started when...

 A Grandfather and a Grandson were hiking deep in the great northern woods and came upon a snow covered frozen pond. The Grandson said “can we walk across grandpa?”  The grandfather said “Let’s have a contest. Do you see the tall smooth barked white tree across the pond, let’s see who can walk the straightest across to the tree.

His Grandson carefully put one foot in front of another, checking his feet, carefully placing each step, taking his time and checking each small step.

When they got to the other side and looked back, the Grandson’s foot prints meandered here and there across the field, but the Grandfathers foot prints went straight to the tree.

“Grandfather, why are your steps so much straighter than mine?”

“It is because I walked straight keeping my eye, always on the future goal”


Ice Boating

It all started when I was 9 years old on a spring saturday, being pent up for the entire winter with the remaining wisps of snow and ice still on the lawn, Byron my best-est friend of all times and I were playing tag in the house, when one to many door slams and furniture crashes happened, 

My MOM yelled "GO OUT SIDE NOW"...