The Stories Of My Life

My Short List of Story Names (title, motivation), these are tales that I've lived through and have come out after a beer to friends, family and other hikers. Hope to turn these all into "Tells" some day. They are on this page in the order that they have been told at a Moth style event, and to keep track, there are so many fun things, no need to tell one more than once. They are move to the top with a link if they are written and performed. Else they are in gray-matter storage.

  1. I Just Wanda Get off!: Jumping a coal train, [man's best laid plans might not work, impulsiveness is not alway good, what a girl will drive you to do] (performed Fort Collins June 2017)

  2. Daddy Can I help: The canoe trip and the headache - [Because we want to make life a good experience 4 our kids] - (performed 11/2016 NH Guild, Fugitive Productions July 2017 Arlington)

  3. Bee Careful - (Catching a Swarm of Bees) start with Wife away and says "be safe" ... don't do anything stupid.. (performed at Fugitive Productions 4-23-17)

  4. The Strange Warning - (also title "the blackest Cave Ever Discovered") [Read the signs, or ignore the signs or you are in deep shit.] (performed Fugitive Productions 5/21/2017)

  5. Don't Get All Wet : The Ice Float - "I won't get ALL wet" Byron and Me. Friends together in trouble, stay friends forever, (performed: Doyle's march 2017)

  6. Its like a Canoe (performed at Heather&Reeds wedding, father of the bride story) - [we have to work together]

  7. WATs - Cave and a Date, (Learning to see with the Eyes of your Heart) [performed 10/1/2017 Fugitive Productions Acton, Ma]

  8. Good Intentions (or "Peter Pan" or "Camp Prankster") [performed 12/3/2017 Fugitive Productions Acton, Ma]

  9. What You Can't See Can't Hurt You (Or can it) Also sometimes titles "The Black Spot" Told at True Tales Live 3/27/2018 and

  10. Allagash Falls - ignoring Life's signs, and Guardian Angles, [performed June 26, 2018 PPMTv]

  11. Friends - there are friends of the soul, there are friends that need boundaries. Byron and Sam and I.

  12. REX the night watchman wonders.

  13. Giant falls sun rise, tied to the tree that saved our lives -

  14. The Rocky Ridge Trail to the edge of the cliff - don't be so self centered

  15. I won't go to the emergency room, (thumb in the door) Don't wander in to deep, or don't get into a rut... ( "feeling in a rut on the way to work again, I remembered where there used to be an old dirt road...")

  16. Who is following who, who is the smart one in the forest (snow storm & raccoon follower) - [follow your own path, not those of others] - (performed January 2017 at NH Guild)

  17. The holes we step in (snowshoe hike over river) - [stop and listen to those around us (even if they are deer in the woods)]

  18. A shared sunset (bear story) - Love and beauty and wonder is all around you, even bears see it

  19. To run in snow shoes (getting stuck)

  20. The Big Growl (bear bag on the peninsula) - forgetfulness

  21. The Hikers I've lost (wandering in a blizzard, climbing the tree, crossing the stream) -

  22. The Snow Field (a snow field) - [ don't take things for granted or at face value]

  23. Panic in the Quetico (thinking I was lost - never)

  24. Walls of Black Goo (ant island ocean crossing at night)

  25. The black Socks: Wilderness canoe introduction to my little kids and "the black sock" episode, ?Best intentions? Algonquin with Tommy and Heather.

  26. Fire tower 100 mile wilderness scary stories, alone, flickering candle, reading horror, red sunset,

  27. Stacy Brook - Camp Dudley & Nieves 11 year old, instead of afraid of "miners that grab kids" I brought a rock hammer, .. when the minor jumped out of the trees, I just sat there.

  28. Bowden cave travel through, key hole, thin mans misery, nut breaker, rotted rope, rain room, rats silo ?Promise?

  29. Hiking with Sam: Appellation trail with Sam

  30. Canoe trip Xtra. man: 12 years old and dropped off, at midnight, motor boat, sail boat, lean-too a little dudley boy

  31. Golf cart that got away

  32. April Fools : Time to get up and get to school, or is it?

  33. April Fools : Art Full be-wary, and the INDIGO code

  34. April Fools : anti-mischief night on Dogwood Dr.

  35. Driving an Egg truck

  36. April Fools backfire : the IRS letter to Neil, and the waterfall run.

  37. Dudley Little Boy and the Train Ride (fear, anticipation, young troubled Tom, Dad's Good Intentions, then the Skunks, fish in the glass, doors fall etc. Still a little boy inside)

  38. The dinner barge: Mosquitoes Algonquin.

  39. Allagash canoe dump with colleen. Hanging on an island. Lost canoe,food. Hat.

  40. Broken eggs. Twills eggs driver

  41. "Are you sitting down?" question (Cave and the stripped car),

  42. Clapping hike. Stayed out to late, very dark,

  43. April Fool's Kayak Paddle

  44. Dating to the same movie 7 times.

  45. Rattler Snake in my Tent as a Scout at Philmont Scout ranch, I went in to get my Camera, because counceler said “they are more afraid of you than you are of them”.

  46. Rattler Had to be moved off of the AT cliff trail, I volunteered and climbed up the cliff to behind the snake so the others could distract him….

  47. Rattler on the Trail in Palisaids Park, and Colleen taking my pulse, and a hiker saying “don’t go up that way.

  48. Bryon And Me Stories

    1. Our Sinking Boat Crossing

    2. Tree Forts Galore

    3. One Dry Sneaker

    4. OH MY FOOT

    5. Pine Needle Caves

    6. To Catch a Racoon

    7. Black Birch Tea

    8. Halloween Mischief night at Dogwood drive, hose, roof, lights and doorbell

    9. Tree Fort over Dad's Driveway, oops, broken windshield

Kids stories, not true tales

  • How to catch a pink elephant

  • The Gray world (space man on planet)

Stories Private (you can't handle these)

  • Allagash Falls and Guardian Angles

  • Rope between Heaven and Earth

  • Lactose intolerance, Miracle Healing

  • Mirror across to my soul