New Newest Story, What is your most special thing you dream about? You might find this story tells a lot about who I am. Do you dream of a special place, a special person, of when you felt accepted, wanted? Look back at those special times as a kid where you felt good, and pull up a chair  for my "Adirondack Dreamer".

My Newest story performed this summer was a retell of the “A Small Dark SPOT”, scary, best heard .. at night, … in a dark room … with a candle on a table behind you …. (Even I didn’t sleep after telling this story!!!) Audio is found here

Why are we drawn to stories?


Why are we drawn to stories, what do they tell us about ourselves? This year I am excited by this question, my core longs to tell a story, and through these stories of mine I have learned the lessens that have shaped, ... and saved my life. I am motivated to tell my real stories to share the joy of “being out there” or is it “the fun of adventure” or telling them so that others can “feel life filled with the trill of existence”. I often search for the “Moral” but maybe the moral of my stories are lessons just learned by me, "A lesson learned the hard way is a lesson learned Forever" ... So I hope to tell a new story each month this year, and all my stories have to do with out-door adventure lessons, or "3rd level Fun".


Fun Divided By 3

We’ve finally rated FUN, Fun divided by three, its a concept passed around camp fires, a concept that I’ve heard about for years. So basically it turns out, that there are only 3 types of fun.

Type I Fun

Type 1 this is fun fun, this is back country skiing on a powdery day, perfect hand jams in September in the desert, its 4 foot glassy waves at rin-com, Type 1 fun sounds like fun during the planning states, it’s going to be fun in the moment, and it provides at least a half hour of engaging conversation over a pint of beer. Sweet, We all like type 1 fun.

Type II Fun

Type 2 fun sounds like it’s going to be fun, but during the process there will be a moment you will curse the person who got you into it. It could be your partner, but more likely it will be you. Type 2 fun involves unexpected pieces of gear left in the car, pre-dawn starts to midnight finishes, and at least one string of expletives that would make your grandmother cry. It is pretty fun to talk about after the fact, you will be able to re-tell it at least a dozen times before your significant other muzzles you. Type 2 fun makes a pretty good story.

Type II Fun

Type 3 is the epic, the business, the da-da, it’s a guaranteed suffer fest, if you think that you can plan your way out of it you are delusional. If you want to succeed you will have to leave a little bit of yourself behind. This is post holing at 25k feet in 4 feet of new snow, this is carrying a kayak 3 miles through devils club while being staked by a cougar. You will call out for your mommy, but your mommy can not help you. This is trample the week, and hurtle the dead, wild animal kind of . And because of this, Type 3 fun is the most fun to talk about afterwards.  (From the Dirt Bag Diaries Podcast)



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