Camp Dudley Dreamer

Amazing Quote: "stories are a creation of Order out of Kayos, it is the creation of meaning and structure out of a reality that is otherwise meaninglessness and without structure . Another way to put this is that Real life does not happen in stories. It is true that our lives have beginnings middles and ends, but unlike a story where the writer chooses which events are important and arranges them in a meaningful way. Real life happens in a seamless irresistible flow, that does not break itself into discrete well rounded scenes. (Storytelling Tips by Professor James Hynes )


My latest story (Telling 3/26/29 TTL) will reflect a reordered version of my real-life 12 year old events. If it was told sequentially then you'd not get the feeling that I was experiencing. It occurs to me that I/we don't really think introspectively at one moment to the next, for example look at a current moment, it is predicated by the past experience and especially by a premonition of a future event. How can one tell this in a story? It is very difficult. And in this next story I have struggled, I have to become again 12, and be both non-reflective child, and a dreamer, unaware and also carried by the flow of time.  This story still is one of my favorite memories, it was a turning point in my life, and reliving it, attempting to bring you there, and re-telling it has been a truly amazing journey.