A Ghost in My Memory

Telling and reliving stories is a good experience, though all that we can share in 5 minutes is just a thin veneer of surface honed to fit and reflect on all the paths and thoughts that went on in my mind at the time. This Story "A Ghost in My Shelter" brought up all sorts of stuff, It was a story that was enlightening it was the time of the Vietnam War and the Kent State killings the Nightly News with the body count the yellow house down the street with the only son 2 years older than me that I played pirates with who  never came home from the war, who's house I rode my bike by and could hear crying, see the curtains drawn, and just freeze up inside.  All I could do was wait, wait on my draft number, wait in line at the draft office, wait as kids I knew fled to Canada. And me, I said I was numb I said I didn't feel anything but that wasn't the truth and on that one lonely shelter, one little lonely little kid connected with me. He was scared, and that made me realize through his fear that I wasn't absent, numb, I was really just afraid, afraid of the world afraid of the chaos.

Through this one small experience I grew stronger, there was a future for him,

and so I also had to walk on to find my strength as well. 

    All that had to be distilled into 5 minutes, and not be sad and death, and destruction because in the end the real story is that we do go on, we do connect with each other, we do grow and have adventures and become explorers helping each other in life. This is the message I get out of life after I get past the initial pain of the moments that I was living though. So in this story please enjoy it, please

When listening to this dynamically shaped Story, dynamically shaped by my true life experience and the audience, a live true tale which is a combination of life experience and the people that are present and interact with the teller via ooo's auu's and laughter, watch for:

  • what "catches" you in the first 30 seconds.

  • what is the conflict, and when is the climax.

  • how does the resolution tie with the beginning?

I practice and have a few tricks that help me craft this as an art for enjoyment, and for a true transition. I know you'll enjoy, I love telling, hope to do many many more.