A Life Story is a Multifaceted Droplet


Our life's story is NOT like a book, it is not sequential, flat, page after page. Our life's story also is not like a play, "all life is on a stage" is great because it captures the characters around us that affect us and mold is. But life is really like a God chipped diamond, or a rain drop, from one angle the story has the colors of deep greens the greens of greed and hurt, the same story droplet viewed slightly to the side and you will see deeply into the hurt left by rejection of a son by his father etching a need for acceptance,  view it again from the left and the light will shine right though it, ...  blue with healing when the same son, the same story  is used to help a brother in the throws of the same struggles anguish and pain. Our lives are full of stories, and each story is a unique droplet, what we learn and see in our rain droplets can be multifaceted,  unique,  and all are our true tales!!  I learned a lot from my "mist on the trail", at one point it was adventure of a young scout, then I awoke in the night with anger and isolation feelings, then awaking in the morning sun, I was again seeing the glory of amazing transforming love. Which story is the true tale, when the sun shines through a droplet and shines a rainbow that changes as it sets, does the droplet change? no, not the droplet, the droplet is the same multifaceted story of discovery, of love, of anger, of rejection, of pain, of forgiveness. Our life's stories are so so complex and so wonderful. each story scares and enlighten me, and I hope that they do the same to you too.