Stories help with Pain, Fear and Death

I was struck today, more like nocked over by this quote. It is true that we are drawn into stories, that we forget ourselves and enter into another's tale. It has wonderful affects of excitement, adventure and emotion and release. So when John Lithgow started caring for his dying father, and in desperation one night at bed time started reading an old book of stories, this is what he found happened:

"My father was listening to me read him a story as if his life depended on it, and indeed it did, the story was not just diverting him, it was easing his pain, dissolving his fear, and leading him back from the brink of death. It was rejuvenating his atrophied soul. lying next to him, my mother could sense that that by some mysterious force her husband was returning to her." ("Drama" by John Lithgow)

Wow, poignant, I've been in a sad cycle these last few days, with headache's and life stage changes at work and home. It is good to remember that we can have a rejuvenation of our soul. Maybe its time to share a good story and get out..