Reflections Remind me of Great Story Telling

I'm just amazed at how many people I bumped into, just in a store, That don't realize they know how to tell a really great story!!  In Storytelling have you noticed that often a friend brings up a story because another's story suddenly reminded's/(reflects) inside them.

Clyde Pond Windham NH

Clyde Pond Windham NH

And sometimes, like a reflection, the story is best told top to bottom or end to front. The first line sometimes has to reflect what will be the end of the story, the catch, the anticipation, the lead to pull you into the story enough so you to want what's going to happen next!! How will they get there!! How will they get out of it!! 

Like the Tom Tall Tales "Promise to Bee Careful" or the "Strange Warning" stories where the beginning message is not revealed/understood till the end of the story!! You the participant know that this warning is a reflection that you see at the end of the story, and throughout the story you know it is building, but until the end of the story you don't know what it truly reflects. 

I Recently enjoyed !really really enjoyed! telling a story that was "dynamically shaped by audience response" (True Tales Live)!! A great example of a fabulous audience and the art of "Live Narative Performance" which is a dynamic interaction with the Storyteller that brings out new elements magnifying the story.

So, so today my walk among the beauty of the world, this lake, reminds me that the end reflects to the beginning, (and ps: you may not have noticed, but like my stories, in this picture the sky is the reflection of the ground not the other way around... ha-ha-ha fooled you)

Word for the day: dynamically shaped by audience response!