Dinner Table Stories


I sat and watched the tables around me, it was a fancy restuarant and it was full of happy groups of obvious friends escaping the coming storm, its black rolling clouds ominous through the windows, but no one was looking, all were laughing. One womans story was erupting with hands in the air as the (may be birds?) Flue away, another table was gesturing what I guess was running, or a train engine chugging? All at the peopl were leaning in for quite parts an then erupting with excited smiles and wide eyed for the action... Stories do captivate, even a dinner table story, anecdote, scene from life is full of facial and hand expressions!!! I know I'm excited, I know that I'm missing some fun tidbit.... oops im also wondering... what was my wife saying to me just now... oops she just dropped a clue, something about "and on our aniversary" !!