How Old is Old?

We were singing 60s songs in the car on the way to vaca things like beatles ... "will you still love me when I'm 64" and Simon and Garfunkel "old friends sitting on a park bench at 70" and I remembered singing those with feeling at 20years old and how sad it would be when suddenly I yelled!! Screammed!! COLLEN said what? What's wrong? I turned off the music and said " the words are all wrong!! It's not old when your 64 or 70!! It should be 95!!! 95 or 100!! Oh my gosh I mean I'm 64 now and I'm white water paddler and wilderness backpacker!!! Today I came across a cave while hiking off trail, so cool! NOT OLD NOT OLD NOT OLD!!! Ok, I calmed down and did a thumbs down on that track, love technology.